Urchinions come from the deepest, coldest oceans, where the water is as icy as the magic streaming from their claws. But they had a hard life, with scarce food and sometimes cruelly freezing temperatures. Many young Urchinions struggled to survive these conditions.

When Queen Thalassa heard about this, she went to the leader of the Urchinions immediately and promised to resettle them in a more hospitable part of the ocean. And while they searched for the perfect new home, the Urchinions were welcome to stay in Thalassa’s palace.

 At first, Queen Thalassa was pleased with the arrangement. But it didn’t take long after their arrival for her to regret her offer. Yes, they were poor and hungry…but there were so many of them! Urchinions swarmed the palace and settled wherever they felt comfortable: on the floor, in the cupboards, on the chandeliers…it was too much.

 Luckily, Queen Thalassa knew exactly what to do to solve the problem. She found a lovely, empty part of the ocean and made a deal with the Urchinions: if they wanted to stay in the castle, they had to join her army. If not, then they’d have to move to their new home and start rebuilding Urchinion society immediately. 

Queen Thalassa’s plan worked perfectly. Most of the Urchinions were more than happy to move on and start a new life, and those who wanted to stay were equally pleased to devote themselves to their Queen. (But there may still be some Urchinions stuck up on a chandelier in her palace - those ceilings are high!)

 Urchinion is a Water Magic Controller with Cold Blood, Freeze, Drowned and Boiling skills.

Evolving trait: 

Rank 0: Hardened 

Rank 1: Gains Immunity to Tortures 

Rank 3: Status Caster - Gains Immunity to Freeze