Hello, Monster Masters!

This next race will implement some new mechanics to adapt the race to the changes introduced this week.

Here they are:

- The Breed/Hatch Legendary tasks will now be Breed/Hatch Mythic tasks
- Some of the Breeding/Hatching Epics tasks are now Breeding/Hatching Legendaries tasks.
- The Breed/Hatch Uncommon Metal task is now a Breed/Hatch Legendary task.
- The Breed/Hatch Uncommon+element or Uncommon+book will be now Rare+element or Rare+Book
- The Level Up relics task required Level 2 relics. From now on, they must be Level 10 and Level 15 relics.

These changes will be introduced to the Race starting today. Share your feedback with us after the event, we will be listening!