Hello, Monster Masters!

We’ve prepared a series of improvements for new and veteran players that we know you’ll enjoy. Let us share the list with you:
  • Elements are unlocked earlier. This includes Monsters, Habitats, and Temples
  • We’ve also reduced the breeding Timers for Commons, Uncommons, Rares and Epics. For Legendaries we’ve reduced all the Timers (Breeding and Hatching) to 33 hours. On the other hand, since Timers are lower, the prices to speed them up have risen (in case you don’t wanna wait).
  • We’ve rebalanced Habitat costs, their Timers, and their XP.
  • The “Breed Opposite: rules have been removed. Now all elements can be bred directly!
  • These are the new player level limits for the maximum habitats that can be placed per element on your islands: