Pandalf’s been conjuring up something extraordinary! He’s found a way to summon monsters from any place and time through magical gates. Welcome to Pandalf’s Conjuring! Here’s how it works:

Here’s where you’ll be able to summon monsters! There are two Gates (Seasonal and General) that give you the chance to summon monsters from two different pools. Open the Probabilities screen of each Gate to see what monsters they offer, as well as your chances of getting them.

The Seasonal Gate usually offers some of the latest and most exclusive monsters in the present Generation, and most of the time it will feature a brand new monster that will be available in the Seasonal Conjuring Gate for a limited time! These Seasonal Gates start at the beginning of every Season and expire at the end.

Now that you know what the Gates are, you’ll want to know what you need to use them! The answer is Summon Tickets. You can summon monsters using Summon Tickets specific to each of the Gates.

- Seasonal Summon Tickets: You’ll be able to get them at the Era Shop and from different events, such as Mazes, Marathons, Monster Challenges, Timed Challenges, etc.

- General Summon Tickets: You’ll be able to find them at the Era Shop and also in the Daily Bonus Calendar, Daily Missions, and Monsterwood events.

However, there’s something you should know about Seasonal Summon Tickets: They’ll only be valid during the Season in which you obtained them! After the Seasonal Conjuring Gate expires, leftover Seasonal Summon Tickets will automatically convert into the same number of General Summon Tickets, so try to spend them all in the Seasonal Gate before it closes!

Let us save you a trip to Dr. Viktor’s Lab: You can obtain either Cells or Eggs of many different monsters. However, if you obtain the egg of a monster you already own, you’ll automatically receive 100 Cells instead.