Rootborg is the end result of a doomsday escape mounted by a dying world. Scientists worked tirelessly to reverse the environmental destruction, but by the time everyone started working together, it was too late to save their planet.

In a desperate attempt to keep their civilization alive, the scientists launched every ship on the planet into space. Each one was stocked with farming equipment and seeds and staffed by a handful of survivors. Their mission was to find another world and resettle, but unfortunately, none of the ships were successful. The survivors died from hunger and cold, clutching their weapons desperately.

One victim died on a sack of seeds, and from this, Rootborg sprouted. At first, it was only a harmless plant. As it grew, however, it wound its vines around abandoned weapons, armor, and other advanced technology.

Deep-space radiation eventually gave the plant full sentience, but not a nice personality. Shifting the weapons and metal around its body to create a heavy carapace, Rootborg picked up its roots and sailed forward into the darkness of space, its mission as chaotic and mysterious as its origins.

Rootborg is a Nature Metal Tank with MegaTaunt, Bleed, Poison, Roots, and Damage Mirror skills.

Evolving Trait:
Rank 0: Immune to Burn and Ignite
Rank 1: Immune to Control
Rank 3: Status Caster - Gains MegaTaunt at the start of the battle