The Monster Legends universe is in trouble. Abominations have left their void and are using portals to move through galaxies, devouring everything in their path.

The monsters in our universe don’t know how to deal with the situation, but, luckily for them, Rick Grimes and other heroes from AMC’s The Walking Dead – Michonne, Daryl, Carol, Negan, and Maggie – fell through one of the portals while fighting off a wave of walkers. Now they have a whole new kind of fight on their hands. But can six post-apocalyptic survivors really stop the spread of infected Abominations across the universe? Perhaps not as humans… but what if they turned into monsters?

You don’t need to wonder anymore, because the TWD monsters have arrived, and we’re here to tell you everything about it!

New and exclusive Generation and Book of monsters

The Walking Dead monsters are their own mighty generation. They’ll be the only ones in this generation, and once this collaboration is over we won’t be adding any other monsters to their book.

Each monster will have a unique set of skills and traits that we will present when we introduce them. But these monsters are gonna be SUPER strong, and you’ll only be able to rank them up with their own Cells. If you want to rank up these monsters, make sure you have them in your collection before November 7th 2022. Then you’ll have until March 11th 2023 to rank them up via direct offer. Once these offers end, The Walking Dead’s heroes will never come back. It’s now or never!
Oh, and remember you can equip these monsters with Galactic Talents to unleash their full potential!

How to obtain them

Let us tell you how to obtain every character:
  • Rick, Daryl, Carol, and Maggie: these monsters will be available via direct purchase and will be released throughout the weeks of the collaboration (make sure you’re up to speed with our social media channels to know exactly when!)
  • Michonne: she’ll have her own dungeon where you can obtain her cells. This dungeon will open its gates on the 12th of September and will stay available until the end of the collaboration. Make sure you check the timers in her dungeon so you won't miss it when a new dungeon starts. Time to grind!
  • Negan: if you obtain the other 5 monsters, Negan will be AUTOMATICALLY yours to claim from the Survivors Book!
And for those of you who are feeling extra lucky... keep your eyes peeled. There could be more surprises waiting for you!

Timed Challenge + Alexandria vs. The Sanctuary showdown

Collect Survivor Tokens from Daily Missions, Mazes, Challenges, and other events, or by clearing the Walker Hands and Wired Fences from your islands! As you obtain tokens, you’ll advance through the Survivors Timed Challenge, where you can obtain special rewards every time you reach a milestone.

You can spend your Survivor Tokens by voting in the Alexandria vs Saviors Showdown.

Whose side are you on: Rick’s or Negan’s?

P.S.: Use your tokens to vote freely. You won’t lose your progress in the Timed Challenge as you spend them!

Release date: 12-September-2022
Ending date: 7-November-2022