Matarragon is a highly skilled dragonslayer who has brought down hundreds of these scaly foes. As meticulous as he is deadly, Matarragon prides himself on very clean, but very deadly killing techniques. His blade rips the body apart while not damaging the dragon’s armored scales or strong, sharp bones. When Matarragon describes the ferocity of these kills to other hunters, even they sometimes feel a little light-headed.

Once the dragon is dead, Matarragon harvests its carapace and other durable body parts to build up his already impressive armor, essentially cloaking himself in battle trophies. Some say dragons can smell their dead brethren when Matarragon approaches—but by then, of course, it’s much too late to escape.

Matarragon is a Magic Attacker with Dragon Hater, Bane, Bleed, and Cursed skills.
Evolving Trait:
Rank 0: Immune to Control + Season 4 Fugitive Hater
Rank 1: Hardened
Rank 3: Tough
Rank 4: Status Caster - Gains Dragon Hater at the start of the battle
Rank 5: Status Caster - Applies Magic Weakness to all enemies at the start of the battle