Hello Monster Masters,

Every now and then, every house needs a spring cleaning. It’s not spring, we know, but with an ever-growing family of Mythic generations and rank-up resources, we needed to tidy things up, so we will be introducing some changes in our Rank Up Survival Dungeons to keep things more organized and sustainable.

Starting on September 12th 2022  these dungeons will be rearranged:
  • We will keep the current Era’s Rank Up Survival Dungeon as it is.
  • As for the rest of them (from Original Mythics to Blossom Mythics), we’re gonna unify them into one. Each Era’s rank-up resource will be obtained from chests. You’ll be able to access this new dungeon with any Mythic you want except for Galactics – you can use those in their own dungeon!
Access to these dungeons will require stamina, so use it wisely!