Need to get the attention of a large, unruly mob? Monster School students too talkative? Is your monster-in-law nagging again? You’ve tried earplugs, megaphones, and maybe even a high-pressure hose, but nothing works. There’s got to be a better way!

Well, now there is! From the makers of Parrobot comes AMBISONIC, your one-stop shop for peace and quiet! With just one press of a button, AMBISONIC uses Global Tech’s patented internal speaker projection technology to deliver a powerful sonic burst that eliminates any disruptive monsters in the area. Try it today—you’ll be stunned!

Ambisonic is a Metal Controller with Stun, MegaStun, and Shock skills.

Evolving Trait:
Rank 0: Hardened
Rank 1: Water Protection
Rank 3: Status Caster - Applies a random Positive Status Effect to all allies at the start of the battle