​​The seas of Elektra are wild. Lots of genetically modified creatures, lots of monsters who've coexisted with pollution for so long that they've mutated,... Navigating or diving in those waters is a dangerous sport if you're unprepared. However, Harpiker is as far from unprepared as it gets. With his armor and weapon, he could knock out the most fearsome of sharks.

Harpiker is a Thunder Metal Attacker with Damage Boosts, Sea Hater, Electrified, and Bleed skills.

Evolving Trait:
Rank 0: Hardened + Season 1 Fugitive Hater
Rank 1: Status Caster - Gains Precision at the start of the battle
Rank 3: Tough
Rank 4: True Vision
Rank 5: Status Caster - Gains Pierce at the start of the battle