While the monsters in Petra start an era of coexistence and peace, our favorite space pirates have made quite the discovery in outer space…

And word spreads fast.

It’s time to reach for the skies, because the monsters on board the Curse of the Cosmos have finally found the treasure they’d been searching for. They expected to discover a lavish loot, but instead they unchained something that should have remained unmined for eternity: a long-lost substance called Astronite. The Space Invaders (along with a well-known villain from Elektra) will try to gain control over Astronite first and the universe later.

This path won’t be easy. A dark force that goes beyond any of these monsters’ power trips has awoken, and it will travel through the corners of the universe spreading chaos and destruction. And that means TROUBLE.

What will happen with the Astronite? Will this chaos reach Elektra? And Petra?
Is this the end of The universe of Monster Legends as we know it?

Galactic Mythics
We need help– there’s no denying it. Luckily for us, a new generation of Mythics has risen to put order to the chaos. But also to generate even more mayhem. These are the most powerful monsters of this Era and they’re not only powerful stats-wise, they also bring in some new Books and Traits that will spice up the fights. No time to be bored!

This Era’s rank-up substance will be key if you want your Galactic Mythics (and the rest of the Mythics as well) to live up to their full potential… And there’s a lot of potential, believe us!

Rank-Up Survival Dungeons
Wanna get some Astronite? Easy, you just need to participate in the Rank-Up Survival Dungeons! Nothing new here. Same rules, same mechanics – let’s get all that Astronite and put it to good use!

Galactic Talents
By now, you all know how important talents are. They can literally change the outcome of battles and they’ll still be a thing in the Galactic Era. Make sure you check their descriptions in-game because we’re gonna go big or go home this Era!

Change in order of events
This next Era brings some improvements that will change our regular calendars, but don’t worry, we’re here to explain them. Instead of having the Marathon the first week of the season, we will be swapping it for the Maze that was happening in the second week. Of course, all the events and other parts of the game around those events will be adapted to this new timeline.

Long story short, the first week of the season we will be having the Maze, and the Marathon the week after.

Moreover, some changes are coming in some Breeding Events, but you’ll have more info when the events themselves are closer.

Golden Legends Pass changes
We know that for the most dedicated players, 2000 points wasn’t enough, so we’ve decided to make the Golden Legends Pass path infinite. What does that mean? It means that after reaching the previous cap of 2K you’ll still be getting rewards. And those rewards are VERY juicy because you’ll be earning chests with lots of resources (including Astronite, yes!).

As always, the purchase of the Golden Legends Pass is totally optional, but we wanted to reward those who dedicate time and effort to it with nicer (and potentially never-ending) rewards!

More surprises (LOTS OF THEM)
And you must be thinking: Okay, sounds nice, but is there more? Of course there’s more, who do you think we are?

For this Era, we want to try some quality of life improvements to make your gaming experience even better, so we will be experimenting and adding some cool features often. Your feedback will be more important than ever because it’s our main driver of change. Stay tuned because there are a lot of surprises planned for this Era that could happen when you least expect them. Who knows, maybe we will explore new lands, discover new realities…