Magmor was honored to be selected as one of the guardians at the gates of Hell, because that meant he got to work closely with Kaih the Sunmelter. At first, he was too intimidated to speak to the legendary warrior, only watching in awe as Kaih easily cut down anyone who opposed him.

One day, Kaih was on patrol and Magmor left to guard alone when the volcanoes surrounding the entrance to Hell suddenly began to erupt! This unexpected event trapped Kaih on a rock, surrounded by hot, flowing lava. Neither he nor Magmor could find a way across, and the lava began to flow faster and faster, threatening to bury them both.

Thinking quickly, Magmor drew his twin blades and began to whirl them faster and faster, creating a strong wind. As he did so, he chanted a spell to make the lava come closer to him. This had the effect of drawing the lava away from Kaih the Sunmelter, but also cooling it into hard rock. Eventually, Magmor’s efforts created a bridge of soft, but solid rock that Kaih was able to run across quickly. He leapt over to Magmor and made it to safe ground just as the rock he’d been standing on was buried by lava.

Kaih rewarded Magmor for saving him by taking energy from the erupting volcanoes and using it to supercharge Magmor’s swords, turning them from deadly weapons to legendary blades of fire. In turn, Magmor pledged to defend the volcanoes and to always come to the aid of Kaih the Sunmelter.

Magmor is a Magic and Fire Attacker with Burn and Extra Turn skills.

Evolving Trait:
Rank 0: Hardened
Rank 1: Immune to Freeze
Rank 3: Status Caster - Applies Burn to all enemies at the start of battle