Uriel was already there in the dawn of time, before Paradise and the Underworld were two separate places. We could say he's an Angel, for lack of a better word to classify him, but you'll rarely see him with the Celestial Legions. He's not under Elvira's command, he's more of an equal to her, and he doesn't take part in wars, unless a law of the universe or a sacred pact is broken.

Uriel only intervenes in historical moments, to act as a supreme judge. That's why Uriel has transformed and reappeared in this particular moment in Monster Legends' History. It is time for the one who broke the sacred Peak of Conciliation Treaty to be judged.

Uriel the Divine is an Earth and Light Support with Possession and Resurrection skills.

Evolving Trait:
Rank 0: Celestial
Rank 1: Hardened
Rank 3: Area Dodge
Rank 4: Status Caster: Gains Cooldown Protection at the start of the battle
Rank 5: Status Caster: Applies a random Torture to all enemies at the start of the battle