Malairion has been defeated! He’s gone into hiding somewhere in the infinite universe. The citizens of Elektra have nothing to worry about, at least for a while, but we wish we could say the same about the inhabitants of Petra. They’re about to be in the middle of a very nasty war...

Centuries ago, Angels and Demons signed a Treaty at the Peak of Conciliation in which they both agreed not to meddle with the balance between Good and Evil. Souls would distribute naturally between the Underworld and the Celestial Paradise.

In order to seal this treaty, each party left a symbolic token at the Peak of Conciliation — Demons left a capsule of purgative fire, and Angels left a pouch of the divine essence: Ambrosia.

The treaty was effective and contented both parties for a very long time. Nobody was counting with the change that happened in the Underworld during the Corrupted Era. Barbatos was dethroned and replaced by two co-rulers: The Inheritor and Kaih the Sunmelter. The problem was that The Inheritor had a massive ego which didn’t sit well with the term “co-ruler”.

In order to become the sole Ruler of the Underworld, he went very far — further than anyone had ever gone before: He broke the pact between Demons and Angels by stealing the divine Ambrosia to transform himself into a Demon so powerful that no one could stand up to him… or rule by his side.
The balance is broken, but the Angels won’t stand still while the Demons unleash evil upon Petra! So when all hope was lost, when salvation seemed impossible, when no one was there to save us... the Doomsday Era arrived.