Meet Don Canine's most secret collaborator. No one in the Mayor's crew knows about his existence, and that's what Don values the most. Slumster is at the center of a network of tiny monsters who only do two things: They listen and whisper. Thanks to Slumster, Don Canine is able to stop protests before they happen or get ahead of potential betrayals coming from inside his crew.

However, lately, Slumster and his whisperers have been asked to pay close attention to a group they'd never dealt with before: Supervillains. Don Canine doesn't fully trust his business partners. What if they make a move to get rid of him and take full control of Monstown without intermediaries? Or... what if something completely different happened? What if the citizens of Monstown discovered the real function of The Shelter? Then, maybe it would be convenient for Don Canine to be the one to betray his partners...

In any case, Slumster's discreet collaboration has become more precious than ever to Don Canine.

Slumster is a Nature Support with Evasion and Positive Effects Protection skills.

Evolving Trait:
Rank 0: Area Dodge
Rank 1: Immune to Control
Rank 3: Status Caster - Applies Stamina Regeneration to all allies at the start of the battle