During one of his many visits to prison, Al Canine met this very particular burglar. Geckone loved money and Italian suits, just like him, but he also had some unique skills which made him a perfect candidate to join the Canine gang.

What makes Geckone special is his ability to play with electricity. He can make the power go out and switch it back on again with a flick of his hand, so he's especially useful when there are security cameras and alarms involved!

Geckone is a Thunder Support with Positive Effect Removal and Taunt Hater skills. He can also apply Shock to enemies or Guard Down Hater, Damage Boost, and Taunt Hater to allies. He has an Evolving Trait: at rank 0, he's Hardened, at rank 1, he becomes Immune to Freeze and, at rank 3, he'll give Thunder Immunity to all allies at the start of the battle.