As the Great Protector of the Eastern Regions, this millenary spirit has lived through many incarnations: He's been a parade dragon and the head of an army, amongst a thousand other things. However, the new life he's starting is different from all the rest. Emperor Yaoguai Wangzhou summoned Chi Ao Loong hoping he would help him get rid of the Pure monsters starting a revolution against him.

Unfortunately for Wangzhou, Chi Ao Loong doesn't take part in civil wars. He may have been summoned by the Corrupted Emperor, but he has no intention of going against anyone under his protection. After all, Pure monsters from the Eastern Regions are sons and daughters of the country he protects.

Chi Ao Loong’s only mission is to put the interests of the Eastern Region above any political ambitions. Will the Emperor regret asking for his help?

Chi Ao Loong is a Fire Support with Trait Disabling, Positive Effect Removal, and Tortures. He has an Evolving Trait: At rank 0, he's Hardened and he becomes Tough at rank 1. At rank 3, he'll give True Vision to all allies at the start of the battle. At rank 4, he'll also cast a random Elemental Weakness to all enemies and, at rank 5, he'll apply a random Torture to all enemies! Yes, Chi Ao Loong is a Triple Status Caster at rank 5!