After his lineage extinguished, Valgar the Pure spent his days wandering around Petra, aiding every monster or tribe in need of help. Most of the time, he received desperate calls from humble societies who were being abused by trolls, ogres, and such, but once, he felt someone was in trouble nearby, and when he got there, he found the entire Light Royal Family, whose carriage had been surrounded by Borjork, Warspellz and their horde of orcs in the middle of a road.

Valgar distracted the orcs on his own and fought half of them, while King Daeron, Queen Luthien and Bella Baal took the other half. In the end, they were able to fight them all off and continue their journey. King Daeron convinced Valgar to come with them to the Light Kingdom, where he held a banquet in the honor of his savior. The monsters in the Light Court accepted Valgar as one of their own and after many years alone, he felt comfortable enough to settle down there, to King Daeron's joy. He was given a title and made part of the Royal Guard and the Light Kingdom became his home.

Lots of happy and prosperous years went by so, when Dark times arrived, they caught the entire Light Kingdom by surprise. After suffering an assault from The Lord's servants in his own castle, King Daeron decided that he needed to take the initiative against Corruption. "If someone can save us from Corruption,” he thought, “that has to be Sir Valgar, the Pure, the hero who saved my family years ago". And so, he had Sir Valgar purified and sent on a mission to defeat The Lord!

Do you think King Daeron is right? Is Sir Valgar the one who'll defeat Corruption?

Sir Valgar is a Light Attacker with positive effect skills for allies. He can apply Light Weakness or Sunburn to enemies and Precision, Double Damage, and Stamina Regeneration to allies. Sir Valgar has an Evolving Trait: At rank 0 he's Hardened, at rank 1 he's a Bulwark and at rank 2, he becomes a Status Caster, applying Sunburn to all enemies at the start of every battle.