While The Lord was waiting for his servants to collect and bring him his relics, he spent a lot of time alone in his hideout, with the only company of his pet, Waldorf – but alone didn't mean bored. He spent his days making plans and thinking of the territories that would fall under his control soon.

He also had some time for some ironwork. Elfriede is the result of that hobby because, of course, The Lord wouldn't just make a chair or a gate, he made a coffin, and he put his heavily corrupted Lutum inside it, to bring it to life. Isn't it twisted and brilliant? Elfriede fights by The Lord's side and also imprisons his enemies for eternity!

Elfriede is a Dark Tank with Tortures, Instant Death, Damage Mirror, Regeneration, and Shield skills. Elfriede has an Evolving Trait: at rank 0, he's a Gravedigger, at rank 1, he becomes Tough and at rank 2, he becomes a Status Caster, applying a 50% Life Shield to all allies.