The Bounty Hunt is an event in Monster Legends in which random groups of participants play together to find and defeat a Fugitive monster.

To find the Fugitive, players need to flip tiles to reveal what they contain.

Bounty Hunt contains:
  • Stamina: Resource needed to perform an action. It regenerates periodically. It can also be purchased in the Bounty Shop
  • Tiles:  Needs to be flipped to reveal its contents. There are different kinds of tiles
    • Clue Tiles: Gives directions to the Fugitive
    • Lucky Shot Tiles: Grants a reward without erasing/generating new clues
    • Fugitive Tiles: Contains the Fugitive
  • Leagues: Players are given rewards based on their position on the League. There are 8 Leagues in all. Players start at League 1. To advance to the next League, they must be ranked among the top players in the Hunt only after the Fugitive is found and has been defeated.