They say the inherent fear you feel when looking into murky water comes from no other than the beast that is Gartox. Once upon a time, a swamp was just like any other bathing ground. Monsters would rush to the banks with inflatables under their armpits and grins from ear to ear. Those that have ears that is. But, when Gartox was Corrupted, so was the swamps legacy, forever. Beware next time you dangle your toes into dark waters.

Gartox is a Water Attacker with Break Shield skills. He can Break Shields and deal Damage to all his enemies. He can also deal Damage, Break Shields and apply Drowned to an unlucky enemy, or apply Drowned and Bleeding. It doesn’t stop there; he has an evolving trait! At rank 0, he gains Hardened, at rank 1 he gains Burn Immunity, and to top it off, he becomes a Status Caster at rank 3, gaining Self Precision.