Lady Meow had a fabulous life in the Light Kingdom. Her mother was King Daeron and Queen Luthien's army strategist and the social status of her family was of the highest rank. She had wonderful dresses and the best education, but every day, when the sun went down, she sneaked into the armory and trained with the swords, shields and lances. Even if she hadn't had a real fight in her life, you could tell she was skilful.

Then one night, as she was on her way to the armory, she saw a bright flashing light coming out of an alley. She peaked around the corner and there was her maid Kat-herine practicing white magic spells! Lady Meow was beyond surprised to discover that facet of her, and Kat-herine seemed to be really good at it.

They confessed their nightly hobbies to each other and started joking about leaving the Castle and going on adventures together. After a couple of months, those jokes turned into real plans. The two friends felt that they really needed the change. Kat-herine didn't have much to lose. She’d lived a very humble life in the Light Kingdom. Lady Meow on the other hand had been studying to become a diplomat, but she wanted badly to explore the world with Kat-herine and test her skills. She didn’t mind becoming just Meow.

In the end, they couldn't contain their wishes any longer and left the Light Kingdom in the middle of the night. They would come back one day and knew they'd be well received, but had they asked for permission to leave, they knew they would've been told no.

And so they started their adventure and met lots of Adventurer friends who gave them good tips. They even met Ferrata, another monster who was too bored back in her homeland and had gone her own way. They got on so well with her that the three became inseparable. Actually, they were together on the day Pandalf and Sensei Pandaken asked them to join their cause and made them Pure!

Lady Meow is an Earth Attacker with Area-Dodge as a Trait. She can deal lots of damage to enemies and make them Bleed, but she can also gain Stamina Regeneration, Stun Immunity, or Double Damage. She has an Evolving Trait: She has Area Dodge at rank 0, gains Immunity to Daze at rank 1, and at rank 3, she becomes a Status Caster, gaining Immunity to Stun at the start of every battle.