After the explosion of Lutum, the center of the forest was a mess. While Kernel Pip led its reconstruction, someone needed to take care of its thousands of inhabitants. Lots of them had nowhere to go and some others were shaken by the catastrophe.

Nereida tried her best to help everyone, but she was too overwhelmed, so in the end, she asked for the help of a forest elder: Leafilyn. With Nereida’s support, Leafilyn made sure that no forest creature was left lost or lonely. He also took good care of Warmaster Zahra and guided her out of the darkness in which she found herself after losing the showdown against The Lord.

Leafilyn is a Nature Support monster. He can apply Blind, Total Blind, Poison, and Daze, or remove positive status effects. At rank 0, he’s Immune to Torture, at rank 1 he gains Immunity to Cooldown Activation, and at rank 3 he’ll apply Poison to all enemies at the start of every battle.