The Wastelands are always in conflict. This time, The Baroness and Scrap Warrior were fighting over a rock of Stardust. It was Scrap Warrior who had found it, but according to The Baroness, everything in the Wastelands was rightfully hers.

As the fight heated up, they both lost control of the Stardust rock, which flew away from them and landed on a junkyard, causing an earthquake. The junkyard manager ran to save himself from the catastrophe, but he fell into a shredding machine. Miraculously, the Stardust rock had also sprinkled there and given him a second chance at life. The chaos of the situation affected his rebirth: Execumancer is an evil Cosmic monster, a junk cyborg who can manipulate magnetic waves!

Execumancer is a Metal Support monster who can apply Tortures such as Nanovirus, Bleed, Burn, or Poison. He has an Evolving Trait: At rank 0, he has Pierce, at rank 1, he becomes Hardened and, at rank 3, he gains Precision at the start of every battle.