The members of the Alliance of Dragons have decided to create their own High Institution, the Ordo Drakkonis, and open their own Library. They think that one Book in the Monster Library isn't enough to illustrate their thousands of years of History and glory.

They've also enlisted a very special librarian from the other side of the Cosmic Portal. Her name is Nahane and she likes to be addressed as Master Librarian and Protector of Knowledge of the Ordo Drakkonis. However, Nahane isn't only a librarian with a couple of fancy titles. She's also a powerful sorcerer with dark secrets.

The Keeper, the beloved librarian of the official Monster Library, has accused her of manipulating the information in the books she's been writing about the History of Dragons and even modifying the memories of the witnesses in key battles for the Alliance of Dragons.

Nahane is a Magic Controller with Possession skills. She can Curse or Possess all enemies, and even MegaPossess all of them, but she will also Freeze her allies. Nahane has an Evolving Trait: at rank 0, she's Tough, at rank 1, she becomes Immune to Stun and, at rank 3, she'll gain Precision at the start of every battle.