Kaih the Eradicator had been keeping a low profile for quite some time. After he and General Darmith tried and failed to set fire to Hyperia, they were imprisoned in the forest for quite some time. When freed, he realized that he wasn’t strong enough to face any of the new Mythic monsters arriving in his corner of the Monster Legends universe. So, instead of embarrassing himself by fighting them, he took a job as a guard of Hell and made sure everyone remembered him for his past victories.

However, one day he received a mysterious call from his old friend General Darmith, telling him that someone had a job for him. When Kaih arrived at the arranged meeting point, a dark cave on the side of a volcano, The Inheritor was there, waiting for him.

“Well, if it isn’t the VIP Legend himself!”, said The Inheritor, trying to flatter Kaih. “Thank you for coming.”

“Why do you want to meet me here? You see me in Hell every day, you could’ve-”, said Kaih with suspicion, but he was interrupted.

“I’ll explain.”, said The Inheritor. “As you probably know, Barbatos has a new favorite monster in Hell — Heiss. He calls him his child of chaos, as if the child wasn’t able to take him out in one hit. He thinks that, by letting Heiss have his way, he’ll be able to maintain power, but that has only worked until now because Heiss isn’t interested in thrones. What will happen when a Cosmic monster with thirst for power arrives in Hell? They’ll take over.”

“But I thought you wanted to overthrow Barbatos and take his place”, said Kaih.

“If I get rid of Heiss, everyone in Hell will support my claim to power.”, stated The Inheritor with confidence. “All the demons hate Heiss and they can all see that he's just the beginning of this madness.”

He turned around for a second and picked something up from the corner. It was wrapped up. “This is a diamond sword, The Sunmelter. It’s designed to cut through Cosmic flesh — don’t ask how I got it, but think of it as your payment for the mission. Kill Heiss and bring me his head. I would do it myself, but it’s not elegant for a ruler to kill his subjects. You, on the other hand, are an acclaimed warrior. This could be your comeback — Killing a Cosmic monster! Imagine the glory that awaits you.”.

Kaih was too much in need for recognition not to accept this proposal. The next morning, he went to find Heiss. It wasn’t hard — he was loud. Kaih approached and swung his sword at him, cutting a piece of the demon’s flesh. The Inheritor was right: the weapon worked, but it wasn’t enough to kill Heiss, who was now bleeding but starting to fight back. Kaih tried to defend himself, but Heiss stole his sword, pierced his chest with it, and left.

Kaih could feel death coming for him, but then something happened. The blade of the sword was covered in Heiss’ blood, which was now mixing with that of his own. He filled with energy and pulled the sword out. He wasn’t dead, in fact, he was more alive than ever. He felt… Cosmic! Realizing what he had become, he took a minute to think and decided that he wasn’t going back to The Inheritor to act as his puppet, he was now better than him!

Kaih is a Fire Attacker with a very high damage output. His skills deal massive damage and he can Burn and Ignite enemies, as well as gain Double Damage, Damage Boost, or Precision. He has an Evolving Trait: at rank 0, he's a Bulwark, at rank 1, he gains Immunity to Blind and, at rank 3, he can gain a 50% Life Shield at the start of every battle.