When Gualgui saw the Cosmic rain, she confused the shiny stardust for shooting stars. Days before the rain, she’d had an epiphany, a vision in which she saw dark times ahead, so she looked at that bright sky and made a wish: she asked for a protector, thinking that the stars would send her a spirit stronger and scarier than any of the potential predators. However, Stardust works in mysterious ways – quite different to real shooting stars. Thus, instead of a protector spirit, Gualgui was sent something completely different: A big mechanical bear called TeddieVR! Because sometimes all you need is a Cosmic cowboy.

TeddieVR is an Earth Attacker with Shields and Healing Skills. Sometimes he’ll risk his allies’ Health in the process of dealing the most damage to enemies, but he can protect them with Shields and Damage Protection to minimize the consequences of his own attacks. TeddieVR has an Evolving Trait. At rank 0, he’s Hardened, at rank 1, he’s Tough and, at rank 3, he gains 50% Damage Protection at the start of the battle.