Vanoss and his gang were hiding inside a bunker surrounded by their enemies. They were outnumbered and outpowered. There was nothing they could do, but then Vanoss had the craziest idea. He built a robot using bits and pieces he found in the bunker, took some of his Cells, and put them inside it. On a piece of paper, he wrote the day’s date, and hid it with the robot behind a wall, hoping someone in the future (if it worked as expected, himself) would find it and send it back in time to save him and the gang.

The plan didn’t make much sense, but it worked! In 2099, the robot used a Stardust portal to travel back in time and, with its Cosmic power, managed to rescue Vanoss and the gang from all their enemies!

Vanos2099 is a Metal heavy Attacker with Tortures and self-buffs. He can clean his negative effects and gain Damage Boost or gain Evasion and Pierce in one move. He can also Burn and deal very heavy damage to an enemy. Vanoss2099 has an Evolving Trait: at rank 0, he's Hardened, at rank 1, he gains Immunity to Bleed and, at rank 3, he gains Pierce at the start of every battle.