Globrush, the gunsmith at the Curse of the Cosmos, is one of the most famous space pirates. Piracy has always run in his family, only in a more traditional way. Globrush’s father, Crusty, was a pirate too. He disappeared at sea many years ago, but recently, something happened.

Captain Copperbeard and his crew were boarding a rival spaceship when Globrush was thrown from it. He fell from space all the way to the bed of the ocean. He was struggling for air when he saw a honey-colored stone shining near him. He reached out and it suddenly transformed into his dad! Crusty pulled Globrush to the surface of the ocean and saved him. After the emotional reunion, Globrush tried to convince his dad to join the crew of the Curse of the Cosmos, but Crusty told him he couldn’t live if it wasn’t in the water, his natural habitat and only passion.

Knowing they would meet again, father and son parted ways. Crusty has a new adventure ahead of him. Maybe he should look out for an old foe called Vandecken...

Crusty is a Water Attacker with extra turn skills. He also has some Tortures and Healings up his sleeve. He has an Evolving Trait: At rank 0, he's Hardened, at rank 1, he also becomes Immune to Burn and Ignite and, at rank 3, he gains Immunity to Thunder attacks at the start of the battle.