The star of the Freak Circus, Hercule, seemed to be fading away. Everyone knows his one-man show of weight lifting and opera singing by heart and he’s having trouble finding new ways to impress the audience. He tried changing La Traviata for The Barber of Seville, but after that, he was pretty much out of ideas.

It got to the point where he had to admit he couldn’t carry the entire show on his own shoulders, so he started looking for new stars. You’d think that in the universe of Monster Legends it would be easy to find extraordinary freaks of nature, but Hercule was looking for something very specific… and he finally found it. Her name was Siamiss, a two-headed monster, created from a faulty piece of Amber. The right head can spit snakes, it’s a dangerous one! However, the left head is an excellent poet. From the moment he saw her, Hercule knew he absolutely needed Siamiss in the show.

Siamiss is a Thunder Controller with Cooldown Activations. She can apply the cooldowns of all enemies and make them Bleed in one move or apply Guard Down and Shock to them with another move. Her single-target moves are powerful too: She can remove the positive effects of an enemy and apply Shock and Daze to it, or activate its cooldowns and apply MegaPossession to it. Siamiss has an Evolving Trait: at rank 0, she's Immune to Blind, at rank 1, she becomes an Abomination and, at rank 3, she gains Precision at the start of every battle.