Storm Beard kept having the strangest nightmare over and over again. In it, his crew abandoned him on a desert island, alone with a very creepy creature called Urcann who followed him around all the time. The creature would offer to help, but every time Storm Beard turned around and saw the eerie figure, he was too scared to let him get close and would start to run. At that point, he would wake up. It happened every single night.

On a day when Storm Beard was particularly exhausted, he and his crew found treasure on an island. The excitement energized him immediately, but his excitement turned to fear when the treasure chest exploded and Urcann came out of it!

Storm Beard ran back to his ship so fast that no one on his crew understood what was happening. They all ran behind him, leaving behind a very confused Urcann.

Urcann is a Thunder Support with Damage Boost skills. He can apply Damage Boost and Precision to all allies or remove their negative effects. He can also give Triple Damage to one ally, exposing himself to Shock. With another one of his skills, he can Shock and Daze an ally and get an extra turn. Urcann has an Evolving Trait: At rank 0, he's Immune to Freeze, at rank 1, he's Hardened and, at rank 3, he casts Precision upon all his allies at the start of the battle.