When Queen Thalassa returned to her throne, she put her daughter Thetys and her friends under strict surveillance to avoid them causing a new riot. She knew she couldn’t keep them like that forever, but she didn’t expect them to escape either. So when Thetys disappeared along with her squad, Thalassa realized that she couldn’t underestimate her daughter and, instead of abandoning the Throne of the Water Realms to go on a search journey herself, she recruited a very special monster for the job: Ondana.

Thalassa had met Ondana in one of her adventures with the Warmasters, when Babari explained the use of Mythic Amber to the group. Thalassa had told him about her fear that she wasn’t able to fully control what went on within her immense realm, so when Babari gave her a piece of amber, Ondana was born out of thin air.

Ever since she remained Queen Thalassa’s faithful servant. Wherever Thalassa needed her to go, Ondana went, so if there was someone who could find the queen's rogue daughter and her friends, that was Ondana.

Ondana is a Water Support monster with Stamina Drains and Positive Effect Removals. She can also gain an extra turn, disable an enemy's trait or apply Drowned to all enemies. Ondana has an Evolving Trait: at rank 0, she's Immune to Freeze, at rank 1, she casts Super Attuned upon all her allies, and at rank 3, she doubles the Maximum Stamina of all her allies at the start of the battle.