One of The Three Adventurers, Armole, had been sick for months. The druids told him they could cure him with a potion, but to prepare it, they needed a herb that could only be found in a hidden, dark corner of the forest. Armole’s friends, Rabbish and Furrius Robin, immediately offered to go and get the herb themselves.

The two friends were approaching the forest when they realized they had entered a labyrinth.

“Oh I know exactly where we are… And we’re in trouble, Robin”, said Rabbish. “This labyrinth structure was built by the villagers to contain Jasastur, a dangerous beast who’s now imprisoned here. If we move, it’s a gamble, because we could either find the exit or fall into the jaws of the beast.”

“I have something that may help us, but I don’t know how it works”, said Furrius Robin, pulling something out of his bag. “My grandmother once gave me this amulet. She told me to use it whenever I felt lost.”

Suddenly, a monster appeared in front of them. He introduced himself as Illion and told them he would use the power of Light to help them. The two friends didn’t have to wait long to understand what he meant; Illion lit up the way out, blinded Jasastur so that he couldn’t attack them, and guided them right to the spot where the herb they needed to cure Armole grew. It was a true miracle.

“Illion, what will you do now that you’re here?”, asked Rabbish as he and Furrius Robin parted ways with their savior.

“Whenever a good soul feels lost or trapped, I’ll be there to light the way.”

Illion is a Control Light Monster that reduces enemies' accuracy and damage. He can apply Total Damage Reduction and Total Blind to his enemies or hit with Daze, Sunburn, and Blind in one attack. He can remove negative effects from himself and gain a Photophobic Shield and, with another one of his attacks, he can remove positive effects from enemies and gain an extra turn. Illion has an Evolving Trait: at rank 0, he's Hardened, at rank 1, he becomes Immune to Stun, and at rank 3, he gains True Vision at the start of every battle.