The path of a samurai is a lonely one. Kaori knows this better than anyone as she was only a girl when she left her home and family to pursue her dream. Even though she’s been away for long, she keeps her memories close to her heart. So, when she saw an armadillo walking towards her in one of her travels, she remembered a story her father used to tell her about an armadillo called Yoroi who fooled lonely travelers by offering them a drink to then poison and rob them.

As the old armadillo came closer, Kaori saw she was carrying a clay jug. She smiled at Kaori and said “Good day, love, you look tired, did you just walk out of a battle?”. Kaori, a very cautious monster, remained silent and peeked into the armadillo’s jug. The liquid inside it was definitely not water. The armadillo insisted: “Are you thirsty, love? Would you like a fresh drink of water? My courtesy.” Kaori realized that someone had surely made the myth of Yoroi come true and was about to turn away and run but the armadillo grabbed her by the arm and said “You are a very rude girl. You are not leaving like that”, as she forced the liquid from the jug into her mouth. After that, Kaori fainted and disappeared. No one has heard from her or Yoroi ever since.

Yoroi is an Earth Attacker with Shield abilities. She applies different Tortures to the enemy, including Poison, Quicksands and Bleed, or Guard Down to one enemy and gain an extra turn. She can also protect herself with Shields, Regeneration and a 50% Damage Protection. She has an Evolving Trait: at rank 0, she's Hardened, at rank 1, she gains a 50% Life Shield at the start of the battle, and at rank 3, she replaces Hardened with Tough.