Blaz is Dr. Wattz’s creation and faithful servant. He helps him around the lab and is the guinea pig for the Doctor’s craziest and most relentless experiments. The treatment received has made Blaz very resilient, despite his frail appearance. Blaz is also the monster in charge of handing the Doctor’s creations to Kralik, who then distributes them all around the world camouflaged as eggs. Wattz’s army will soon be numerous and unstoppable!

Blaz is a Metal Support monster with Cooldown Protection. He can apply Skill Mirrors and Shields to allies or remove their negative effects and apply True Vision to them. He can also hurt enemies by removing their positive status effects and applying Nanovirus to them. Blaz has an Evolving Trait: At rank 0, he's Immune to Possession, at rank 1, he gains Immunity to Bleed, and at rank 3, he protects the cooldowns of his allies.