Baba Yaga was peacefully looking after her potions in her hut when she heard two monsters screaming at each other outside. She came to see what was happening and found Fampira alone, crying in her front yard. Baba Yaga asked her what was wrong and with a brittle voice, Fampira replied “Muerte’s dead to me. I never ever want to see him again”, as she took a beautiful ring off her finger. When she calmed down, she noticed a light that was shining not far away. It was a swirly purple smoke, suspended in the air at some feet from them.

“What’s that?”, asked Fampira.

“That’s the Portal of Abominations.”, said Baba in a low voice. "Nothing good ever comes from it. Also, don’t get close, ‘cause it will swallow you whole.”

“Really?…”, Fampira stared at it intensely while she played with her ring. Then, with an impulse, she screamed “then it can swallow this!”, and she threw the ring from afar right into the portal.

“Stupid girl!”, said Baba Yaga nervously. “You must never feed or fuel the port—”, but before she could finish the sentence, the portal opened wide and spat the ultimate abomination, one made of amber and hatred: Kawthor.

Kawthor is a Water Tank and Attacker with Healing skills. He can deal high damage and apply Bleed to an enemy, and then heal himself by 20%. He can also heal himself and cast Taunt in one move, or deal damage and apply Regeneration to himself. With one of his skills, he'll sacrifice an ally to gain Triple Damage and Positive Effect Protection. Kawthor has an Evolving Trait: At rank 0, he's Immune to Freeze, at rank 1, he becomes an Abomination, and at rank 3, he gains Regeneration at the start of every battle.