When Dr. Wattz was young, his parents used to take him and his brother Viktor to magic shows. Viktor used to have a good time, but Wattz utterly hated them. All those tricks with no logic or scientific grounds behind them, those stupid top hats magicians wore in which they hid even stupider things. Wattz couldn’t stand any of it and, as an adult, he wished he could erase them from his memories.

However, getting rid of bad memories isn’t that easy, even for brilliant minds like Wattz’s. On this particular occasion, he was having a stressful day in his cave lab. For a while, he hadn’t been able to steal Mythic Amber from the mines, so he had only one piece left. He was pacing around the lab, wondering what he should create with it when he lost concentration and let his mind wander through his old memories. When he came to his senses it was too late. He’d let his mind go too far and the piece of amber had absorbed it all. The rock disappeared and a monster appeared where it used to lay.

To Wattz’s horror, it was a dreadful magician! It looked at him and smiled like a psycho: “Hello sir! Welcome to Zorky’s show! Do you believe in magic?”. The Doctor felt his heart rate skyrocket and, without being able to control himself, he ran away from his own cave!

Zorky is a Fire Support monster with Damage Boost skills. He can give Damage Boost, Precision and Damage Protection to an ally with just one move, or apply Double Damage and remove the negative effects of an ally also in one move. Sometimes boosts come with a side effect: He may give Triple Damage to an ally, but the trick will also burn them. Zorky has an Evolving Trait: at rank 0, he's Hardened. At rank 1, he gains Immunity to Curse, and at rank 3, he can make all enemies weak against a random element at the start of the battle.