Warmaster Elvira and her legion of angels sent Erder to help the citizens of Plithora, who were besieged by neighboring cities. After that, Plithora started winning battles and fighting off their enemies. However, Elvira’s gesture raised some eyebrows down in Hell — demons thought that Heaven shouldn’t have taken part in such a worldly conflict. They took it personally and decided to balance the scale, sending the cities a collaborator of their own.

A big amber statue of a knight riding a beast appeared right outside the walls of Plithora, with a note hanging from it: “Don’t speak his name. You’ll find him handy. No need to pay for him, just send all the souls you take from the city down to us. Yours truly, Barbatos.”

“Wh- what name?”, said the spokesmonster who read the note to the leaders of the attacking cities.

They held a debate on what to do with Barbatos’ poisoned gift – and what was with his name?! They didn’t want to condemn anyone for eternity. All they wanted was Plithora’s riches to get through the crisis after a year of poor crops; but at the same time, they were losing the war just because Plithora had received external help. Moreover, they didn’t want to make enemies in Hell by declining a generous offer.

Desperation led them to take the deal and never discuss it again. They gathered around the monster's amber statue, they smashed it, and the knight came to life, riding its ferocious bulky monster. He was about to change the course of the battle.

Unspeakable is a Light Tank with Taunt and Mountain Traits. He can apply Damage Mirror and Stun Hater to himself, Stun an enemy, or apply Quicksands to all enemies. He has an Evolving Trait: Taunt at rank 0, Stun Immunity at rank 1, and at rank 3, he replaces Stun Immunity with Mountain, which also makes him Immune to Freeze.