When the citizens of Plithora dethroned and locked away their crazed king Korruptus — who ended up running away — they were left with no ruler and a big problem. Their neighboring cities knew Plithora was a very rich kingdom, so they took advantage of the city’s crisis and they attacked it.

The citizens of Plithora sent a distress signal to Warmaster Elvira, head of the angels. She acknowledged their fairness and sent them what they needed: a protector. It landed on the grounds of Plithora in the shape of a gigantic amber statue and, as the citizens gathered around it, moved gloriously. It looked at them from above and said:

“My name is Erder. I am here to save you.”

Erder is a Thunder Tank who can apply Shields to herself or her team while getting extra turns or buff herself with Double Damage and Damage Mirrors. She can also torture enemies with Shock and Bleed. Erder has an Evolving Trait: at rank 0, she has Taunt, at rank 1, she adds Hardened too, and at rank 3, she gains Damage Protection.