Neobuki’s might is famous in Monster Legends, but her real self has been trapped in a black hole for years. Up until now, she’s managed her situation very well and has been able to fight with the help of her hologram projector.

However, now the projector has been stolen! Evil hands have taken this machine and tweaked it to project a new Neobuki, something like her twisted twin: Akunobuki.

Akunobuki is a Legendary Thunder Support monster with some Attacker skills. She's the last monster in the Elite collection! She can apply multiple buffing effects to her allies, including Area Dodge, Evasion, Skill Mirror, and Positive Effect Protection. Her skills are impressive: She can gain MegaTaunt and Double Life, or Anticipation and Double Damage. She can also boost her allies with True Vision and Immunity to Control, or hurt enemies by removing their positive effects, dealing damage and applying Nanovirus.

Akunobuki has an Evolving Trait: At rank 0, she's Tough, at rank 1, she gains Immunity to Possession, and at rank 3, she protects her positive status effects.