The Myth of the Gaidigo is the story of a greedy demon who, centuries ago, escaped from Hell through a tunnel to the face of the Earth where he would feast on living souls. However, when he was about to reach the surface, he got stuck and he died there, trapped beneath a layer of sand and stone. Not many monsters believed in the existence of this creature, but Dr. Viktor suspected that Gaidigo had indeed existed at some point in time. For years, he'd had a fossil in his Lab that looked like a part of the creature the Myth described.

Dr. Viktor displayed the piece of fossil and presented his study about Gaidigo at the Legendary Science Summit, and did so very passionately — so passionately that his words reached the presentation nearby, where a big piece of Mythic Amber was displayed. As the crowd applauded Dr. Viktor's brilliant presentation, the ground trembled, the fossil exploded and Gaidigo came alive, making the crowd flee in pure terror. "Everyone save your soul!", many screamed as they ran for the nearest exit. Even Dr. Viktor disappeared from the pavilion. So what now? Who's going to stop Gaidigo?

Gaidigo is an Earth Controller with Cooldown Activations who can also buff himself with Precision or removing negative effects, or debuff enemies by applying Total Damage Reduction and activating their cooldowns. He can also apply Quicksands to all enemies. Gaidigo has an Evolving Trait: He's Immune to Burn at rank 0, he becomes a Demon at rank 1, and at rank 3, he gives himself Immunity to Stun at the start of every battle.