Clivia had always ruled in the botanic gardens of the Light Kingdom, but after Wasper showed up with his heavy attacks and his trait disabling skills, Clivia felt outshined and forgotten. He spent his days sulking — he didn’t even want to be the strongest monster, he just wanted to rule the gardens! If only a bug stronger than Wasper arrived in the gardens to overshadow him…

Then, one day, a jewel flew out of the Light Castle (It looked like King Daeron and Queen Luthien were fighting again) and it landed on the ground next to Clivia. A tiny bug was born from that jewel. As it materialized, it opened its eyes and said: “I'm Tayni, your faithful servant, what do you need from me?”.

When Clivia discovered Tayni’s skills, he knew that all he needed was that little bug at his side to rule the garden again. Time to go into hiding again, Wasper!

Tayni is a Nature Support Debuffer. He can remove positive effects from enemies as well as negative effects from allies. He can also apply Precision, disable Traits, or apply random negative effects. In one of his skills, he can apply Guard Down and MegaTaunt to an enemy, making it the target of all attacks! Tayni has an Evolving Trait: At rank 0, he’s Hardened. He becomes Immune to Freeze at rank 1 and, at rank 3, he becomes a Status Caster, Protecting himself from Damage at the start of the battle.