When Rocigon was young, he didn't have many real friends. He had an imaginary one; a dragon warrior who was always there to save him from his evil enemies. His name was Armor Claw. He might not have been real, but he was definitely inspiring. He taught him everything he knows about battles now, and he always had great advice: “Analyze the enemy before going into battle”, “Dream big and pursue your passions”. If it wasn’t for Armor Claw, Rocigon would never have become the fighter he is today.

After winning his latest tournament, Rocigon brought home a trophy, which had little pieces of amber engraved in it. As he placed it with all his other trophies, he thought “Thanks again, Armor Claw”. Within seconds, the amber stones released a magical substance which soared into the sky and transformed into a Mythic Monster; a living, breathing Armor Claw!

Armor Claw is a Mythic Fire Tank with Taunt and Skill Mirror effects, as well as high damage skills. In some of his attacks, he can heal himself while boosting his damage, or deal damage, apply Sunburn, and then gain an extra turn. He has an evolving trait: Taunt at rank 0, Hardened at rank 1, and at rank 3, he becomes a Status Caster of Stun Immunity.