Lamia was born in a city of dragons, and from a very young age, she showed a natural talent for battle. She was a precocious fighter and she got into the competitive scene very soon, but she also got tired of it very soon. Attacking only to deal damage was no fun to her, so she started exploring more elaborate skills. However, this journey of self-improvement was regarded with envy by the other dragons, who refused to accept that Lamia had reached a higher level of expertise.

She was marginalized and labeled as a misfit. Even her parents looked the other way to protect the career of her brother who was also a fighter, but a more traditional one. Lamia couldn’t believe it… Even her own family had forsaken her! She had nothing and no one left in the city, so she flew away, in search of a new place to call home.

Soon she found two dragon-monsters who had the same concept of battling as she did. Their names were Zeighar and Draghar, and they had recently taken over a group called the Alliance of Dragons. It was a large group, and there appeared to be some tension between its members and their new leaders Zeighar and Draghar, but they all welcomed her happily the minute they saw what she could do on the battlefield.

Lamia is an Earth Controller with Anticipation. She can activate cooldowns on all enemies while applying Ignition and Daze, or remove positive effects and Freeze an enemy. She can also MegaFreeze and Burn an enemy, or remove negative status effects from everyone on the battlefield. With another one of her skills, Lamia can lose her negative effects and gain Immunity to Control and Life Regeneration.

She has an Evolving Trait: At rank 0, she has Anticipation, to which she adds Hardened at rank 2, Status Caster of Control Immunity at rank 3, and Resurrection Block at rank 5.