Rekka used to be a flag bearer in General Darmith’s Fire army, but when Lucifire started her rebellion, he chose to fight on her side against the General. He thought that once she had won, she would lead the Fire army into epic battles that would make history.

However, after some time, Rekka realized that all Darmith and Lucifire did was fight each other, so he abandoned the Fire Army and started a new life. When Warmaster Barbael heard that one of the most active soldiers in the Fire army had been wise enough to walk away from that useless fight for power, he recognized it as an act of bravery and armed Rekka with an unstoppable weapon, the Fire nunchaku. Now Rekka is fully ready to find a battle worth fighting!

Rekka is a Fire Attacker with Damage Boosts and Extra Turns, which he can loop until he runs out of Stamina. He can apply Ignition and Burn to enemies, and apply a random Element Hater to himself. Rekka has an Evolving Trait: He is Hardened at rank 0, becomes Tough at rank 1, and at rank 3, he becomes a Bulwark and a Status Caster of Damage Boost for himself.