Rubellus was the king of a Mushroom Kingdom. They all lived in a cave and he earned his crown because he was the biggest and the strongest by far. For that reason, he never thought anyone would dare to question his authority, until one day, he discovered that one of his subjects was planning a coup against him.

He decided to punish him in a way no one would forget: He ate him whole, in one bite. By doing so, he absorbed his victim’s energy, but the mushroom flesh he ingested acted like a hallucinogen and made him paranoid. He started seeing traitors everywhere, and with every subject he believed to be a traitor, he repeated the same punishment: He ate them.

After some time, the inevitable happened: King Rubellus had no subjects left. All his allies in other Nature kingdoms turned their back on this crazed ruler-of-none, horrified both by his brutal strength and by his story of cannibalism.

Now Rubellus is alone, insane, and forsaken by everyone, but within, he’s got the physical power of his entire dead kingdom, and he’ll go any lengths to prove he’s still the King.

Rubellus is a Nature Tank with Megataunt, Taunt, and several Tortures, like Burn Poison, and Nightmares. He can remove negative effects from himself and gain Immunity to Control. He can also MegaStun and Daze an enemy or gain MegaTaunt and Damage Mirror. He has an evolving Trait: Taunt at Rank 0, Area Nature Protection at Rank 1, Megataunt Status Caster at rank 3, and finally, at rank 5, he gains Abomination.