On the frozen planet in which a civilization of Suliens led by Eisul live, an abandoned brain came alive, self-aware and intelligent, by the chaos of the universe. It felt threatened and unprotected, given that Suliens feed on brains which they add to their own body. This new living brain-creature didn’t have many chances of survival, so it built itself a mechanical suit. Now, Synaptikus is a fully functional monster, ready to fight off Eisul or any Sulien that may stand in its way.

Synaptikus is a Metal Control monster who uses Freezes and MegaFreezes to stop his opponents. His attacks include some Tortures, as well as Trait Disables and Positive Effect Cleanings. His Evolving Trait is Tough at rank 0, Immune to Possession at rank 3, and at rank 5, it also gains an Area 50% Life Shield.