Muerte McBlood isn't Countess Flawless’ favorite monster. She sees him as part of the reason why Fampira doesn’t come home often, so whenever he has to stay in Monstelvania, he tries to spend as much time as possible away from his girlfriend’s family and outside the castle.

One day, Muerte was walking around the castle’s grounds when he saw the entrance to the dungeons, and he decided to have a peek. There wasn’t much going on inside the dungeons, so he just stayed there for a while talking to the guard, a big, bulky, fearsome monster. At first, Muerte was a bit scared by Zombic’s appearance, but none of the two monsters had much to do, so they developed a somehow strange friendship.

Since then, Muerte visited Zombic every time he had to go to Monstelvania, but Count Vlad found their relationship a bit suspicious. Were they plotting against him? Muerte, being Fampira’s boyfriend, held a lot of sensitive information about the family, and Zombic was in direct contact with his prisoners so, for all he knew, they could have been gathering an army to overthrow him from his position of power.

For that reason, he sent some investigators to follow Zombic and Muerte on one of their little dates, and what he found out was surprising. It turns out that the two friends had started a secret society: a gardening club! Every time they got together, they marched into the woods and planted flowers and vegetables, but they didn’t want anyone to know, otherwise, the prisoners may no longer have respected Zombic’s authority.

When Count Vlad heard the investigators’ report, he just smirked and said: “Well, I guess a bit of greenery never hurt anyone.”

Zombic is an Earth Attacker with Pierce abilities. He can cause damage and gain extra turns in several of his skills. He can also apply Poison and Bleed, as well as other valuable moves, like Damage Increase, Damage Mirrors, Regeneration, or vampiric attacks. He's Hardened and he has Pierce both as a trait and as a skill!