Once upon a time, there was a pact: Forest monsters would provide curative ointments to the leaders of Hell, who were in desperate need of them. In exchange, Hell monsters made a non-aggression commitment, valid for 5 years. To seal this pact, an expedition of Nature monsters took a batch of ointments to Hell, but on their way out, they accidentally left someone behind: a little centaur called Zenfira, who had followed all the adults into Hell and got lost within.

For days, she waited for the Nature monsters to come back and pick her up, but no one came. She couldn’t believe that they had forsaken her. Would they even be looking for her around the forest? Did anyone care about her?

Time passed and Zenfira’s hope vanished. She got used to Hell, she even made some allies. Rabies and The Inheritor taught her that she didn’t need to suppress her anger: she could use it to hurt others and become more powerful.

Now Zenfira has become something of a spirit of hatred, and an extremely dangerous one. She’s feared even by her allies in Hell. Who can stop a monster that has forgotten how to love, or how to respect or care? If you see Zenfira coming your way, your best bet is to hide.

Zenfira is a Fire Support monster, but also an Attacker. She’s extremely good at buffing her own or her allies’ damage output: She has Triple Damage, Double Damage, Precision, True Vision, Damage increase and Random-Element Hater skills, but also Tortures, Debuffs, and Mirror Skills.

Her trait is Tough at rank 0. Then, at rank 1, she becomes a Status Caster, increasing her damage at the start of the battle. At rank 3, she also becomes Immune to Possession, and finally, at rank 4, she casts a Random-Element Hater upon herself at the start of the battle.