Meet Kihaku’s apprentice, Rociuko. For years, Rociuko has been an obedient and responsive student, but she’s tired of being just a student. She has a lot of potential, and she keeps asking Kihaku about her favorite field: the dark arts, but every time she does, all she gets is a mean answer: “Why do you keep asking these kind of questions? Are you a witch? You’re not a witch, you’re a Light apprentice”. At this point, she’s had enough. She can either kill her master or leave him and teach him a lesson. She prefers the second option, so she’s designed a plan.

Rociuko’s going to abandon Kihaku’s dojo in the middle of the night and join an old enemy of his: Harusami. Kihaku defeated this Dark samurai a long time ago and, after that battle, Harusami decided to retire. However, Rociuko knows that nothing would make Kihaku angrier than seeing his enemy rise again thanks to the infinite power of his very own apprentice. He will regret having underestimated Rociuko, because now she’ll make Harusami her puppet and Kuhaku her victim.

Rociuko is a Light monster with Supporter, Debuffer, and Torturer. She disarms enemies making them weak to various elements in one move or removing their positive status effects. Also in just one move, she can apply several Tortures. Rociuko helps her allies by cleaning their negative effects. Rociuko has an Evolving Trait: At rank 0, she's a Piercer, at rank 1, she gains Anticipation, and at rank 3, she becomes Immune to Control.